Our visit to MX3D


Last week we visited MX3D, it was a great experience. It was nice seeing how they ‘3D printed’ steel, We were able to see live how the robots were working and they were actually working on the bridge project. The project is to a print a fully function bridge and to place it on one of Amsterdam’s canals.


Next we saw the famous couch, Well we have to say the couch sits comfortabel.


We also got to see the robots while working, in total there was 5 working robots.  It was pretty cool to see the robots working but you can’t say they are the fastest :).

7 8

And finally we could see and hold the ‘bike’, this bike has a complete 3D printed frame, as you can see below the bike with our team member Guus. The bike actually looked really good and it wasn’t that heavy, nearly the same weight as an ordinary bike. The only difference was that the bike doesn’t have breaks. Overall we were very satisfied with the visit and it was great meeting the team of MX3D.



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