Modifications to the spray mechanism

Well our spray mechanism worked good but we wanted it to work flawless, so we decided to add plastic bearings to the mechanism, so it would slide smoothly and to reduce friction. But then a problem occured, the problem was that we used threaded rods, the rods kept hanging on the bearings, so it didnt move smoothly. We  changed the threaded rods to smooth rods as you can see in the picture below, but then we faced another problem and that was that the rods were slightly big so they didnt slide smoothly, so our solution was to turn the 10mm rods to 9.5mm.

10 11

The next modification we wanted to do was to keep the spray cap in its place so it couldn’t rotate, so we came to a solution to drill a hole on top of the mechanism and to put a pin through the hole and through the cap.

12 13

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