Bringing everything together in ROS

This is a quick description of the steps the ROS system goes through during the painting process. Later on the files will be uploaded to the Documents tab when complete, here we go:

The orientation data from the SLAM system will be transferred to the Robot Operating System ( At first start the orientation will be measured and from that point on will be used as origin. Then after completion of painting box1 we move the platform. The Kinect continuously measures it’s orientation and passes the data to ROS who translates the x,y, transformation and rotation to the new position of the robot base.
Relative to its first orientation (origin) it then calculates the  position of the second box. We then ask it to calculate if, from its current position, it can reach the corners of the box. If a corner can not be reached, it checks the position of the corner relative to the position of the base formulating a vector with the distance it still needs to cover. This is then translated into a rotation, X and Y component which we can use to re-position the robot. When it has confirmed it can reach every corner it will move to the first line and start painting.
The Arduino driver has been integrated into the ROS system to allow for a synchronized call moving the arm and starting to paint.

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