Position tracking how we will tackle it

After a lot of research we narrowed our positioning technique down to a technology called SLAM (simultaneous location and mapping). Criteria for choosing were mainly cost and accuracy. Cheap systems that use magnetic fields or triangulation over sound/electronic waves are as of yet relatively inaccurate (10-20 cm on a 10×10 m field). The SLAM method uses only a stereo camera yet can achieve an accuracy of approximately 3 cm regardless of the area. This is done by tracking high contrast points in the image. By tracking their translation the camera knows how (relative to a high number of points) it is moving through space.

Currently we are working on using this opens source technology on a KINECT Camera and translating the coordinates that we get from the software to the system driving the robotic arm. We hope that by correctly implementing this we can know the position and orientation of the Robots base at all times with an accuracy below a 10 cm error margin.

For some (quite advanced) demo’s check out these video’s:
car driving while tracking its position
mapping your garden

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