First Meeting

Hey guys so here is a quick summary of the meeting of 29-09 including target points for the next meeting.
For those who are not yet familiar with the project, the goal is to paint on a large scale with a robotic arm.
The main challenge lies in the accuracy and determining the position of the robot to properly continue the painting after being moved.

In the meeting we made a list of all the involved problems and then subdivided them into three categories

  1. Accuracy and precision of the painted line. Possibly solvable by implementing a new nozzle or using painting masks.
    Also an optimum for painting distance and speed has to be formulated for the best result.
  2. Position tracking. The challenge here is to find a way to accurately determine the position of the robot in relation to the drawing.
    Mechanical motion and local visual confirmation might result in cumulative error, we will therefore focus on “global” visual confirmation and wireless position triangulation.
  3. Construction and interaction. We are aiming for a construction operate able by two people.
    Also it has to be able to stabilize itself (or be highly stable from itself) in order to accurately operate the arm

During the upcoming week we will be researching these categories and discuss possible solutions as well as possible test setups.
Next week Thursday we will have another meeting and also update on the progress of the project




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